VPNFIRE is a professional fast and secure VPN that makes you anonymous all the time. Vpnfire provides most competitive plans for mobile users, which in combination with 100% automatic installation makes it one of the best mobile VPN solutions in the market.

What does VPNFIRE offer?

It is all about 3S: Security, Speed and Simple


  • - 128-bit encryption, both L2TP and PPTP protocols supported.
  • - Complete anonymity and privacy: No logs are kept.


  • - 50+ servers in United States.
  • - All our quality servers are connected to Gigabit Tier-1 internet providers!
  • - Video accelerator: watch Youtube, Hulu smoothly without buffering even in China.


  • - Auto-setup profiles for iOS users: setup your devices in seconds!
  • - Setup on as many computers & iOS devices as you like with only one VPN account.
  • - Free trial bandwidth & instant activation & special rewards for iOS users.